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Apr 7, 2020

April Mardock - CISO - Seattle Public Schools

Jared Folkins - IT Engineer - Bend La Pine Schools

Nathan McNulty - Information Security Architect - Beaverton School District


OpSecEdu -



BEC - 

Bypassing security controls - 


Security persons at education institutions of varying sizes.

Why are schools soft targets?

Is money/budget the reason schools get the raw deal here?

Why is ransomware such an appealing attack?


How complex is the school environment?
    Mobile, tablets, hostile users, hostile external forces


Adding technology too quickly? Outpacing the infrastructure in schools?

Just ideas for some questions. - Jared


Do you find vendors are very responsive in the education space when receiving a vulnerability report?

When students, who you are trying to educate, when they are found doing something inappropriate, how do Districts handle it?

What challenges do Security people in education face when partnering with their user base?

Unlike a corporate setting, many educators and students need to install different software throughout the year, how is that handled?

How did April, Nathan, and Jared meet?

Is the technology stack in your various school systems changed much in the last 10 years? Have you moved to cloud based, or do you still have an IT shack at the school systems with physical machines? 


Localadmins are not granted… (excellent!)


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