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Mar 12, 2019

Log-MD story (quick one) (you’ll like this one, Mr. Boettcher)

    SeaSec East meetup



New Slack Moderator (@cherokeeJB)

Shoutout to “Jerry G”


Mike P on Slack: and that we're looking for BlueTeam trainers please


Any chance you can tag @workshopcon. SpecterOps and lanmaster53 when you post on Twitter and we'll retweet


Noid - @_noid_


Bsides Talk (MP3) -

Slides (PDF)


Security view was a bit myopic?

“What do we win by playing?”

Cultivating relationships (buy lunch, donuts, etc)

Writing reports

Communicating findings that resonate with developers and management

    Often pentest reports are seen by various facets of folks

    Many levels of competency (incompetent -> super dev/sec)


Communicating risk? Making bugs make sense to everyone…


The three types of power: 


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