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May 30, 2018


Jack Rhysider

Ok I think these topics should keep us busy for a while. Topics for discussion:

  1. Do hospitals have a free pass when being attacked? #OPJUSTINA
    2. - when anonymous attacks your hospital


  1. The oldest known vulnerability is still a big problem. Default passwords. Why haven't we fixed this yet?

  1. In the 90's strong crypto was illegal online.


  1. The NSA scrapes social media and regular OSINT techniques to figure out how to best attack a network.
  2. Manfred made a living hacking MMORPGs for the last 20 years. And he tried to do it as ethically as possible.
  3. When a single CA is breached, it breaks the security for the whole internet.
  4. Toy companies aren't securing children data
  5. What are options when you find a major security flaw in a home router but the vendor refuses to acknowledge it much less fix it? And there's no bug bounty.