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Jul 3, 2017

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This week, we discuss hardening of windows hosts, utilizing CIS benchmarks. We talk about the 'auditpol' command. And we dredge up from the ancient times (2000) the Microsoft article from Scott Culp "The 10 Immutable Laws of Security Administration". Are they still applicable to today's environment, 17 years later?



Brakesec also announces our "PowerShell for Blue Teamers and Incident Responders" with Mick Douglas (@bettersafetynet). A 6 week course starting with the basics of powershell, and goes into discussion of frameworks using Powershell too assist in assessing your network. It starts on 10 July and run each Monday evening until 14 August 2017. You'll receive a certificate suitable for CPE credit, as well as the videos of the class available to you on our YouTube channel.

To sign up, go to our Patreon Page ( and sign up at the $20 USD level labeled "Blue Team Powershell - Attendee". If you are looking to just get the videos and follow along in class, pick the $10 USD "Blue Team Powershell - Attendee- Videos Only" Classes will be held on Monday Evenings only for 5 weeks, ending on 1 August.



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10 immutable laws of Security administration:

Really great stuff

On This Page

Law #1: Nobody believes anything bad can happen to them, until it does

Law #2: Security only works if the secure way also happens to be the easy way

Law #3: If you don't keep up with security fixes, your network won't be yours for long

Law #4: It doesn't do much good to install security fixes on a computer that was never secured to begin with

Law #5: Eternal vigilance is the price of security

Law #6: There really is someone out there trying to guess your passwords

Law #7: The most secure network is a well-administered one

Law #8: The difficulty of defending a network is directly proportional to its complexity

Law #9: Security isn't about risk avoidance; it's about risk management

Law #10: Technology is not a panacea


auditpol - - Microsoft Security compliance Manager