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May 2, 2017

 Malware is big business, both from the people using it, to the people who sell companies blinky boxes to companies saying that they scare off bad guys.

The latest marketdroid speak appears to be the term 'fileless malware', which by definition...


FTA: “Malware from a "fileless" attack is so-called because it resides solely in memory, with commands delivered directly from the internet. The approach means that there's no executable on disk and no artefacts ("files") for conventional computer forensic analysis to pick up, rendering the attacks stealthy, if not invisible. Malware infections will still generate potential suspicious network traffic.” -- by definition, not ‘fileless’

But many of the 'fileless' attacks require a 'file' to be opened to enable the initial infection.

This week, Michael Gough (@hackerhurricane) comes on to discuss his latest blog post ( and we discuss the fact that a lot of malware classification and categorization and how it fails to actually convey to leaders what it affects

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