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Dec 25, 2016

It's the final episode of the the year, and we didn't slouch on the #infosec. Mr. Boettcher discussed what should happen when we find risk and how we handle it in a responsible manner.

I also issue an 'open-letter' to C-Level. We need C-Levels to listen and accept the knowledge and experience of your people. Infosec people are often the only thing keeping a company from making the front page, and yet are still seen as speed bumps.

We also discuss some the previous episodes of the year, some recent developments to build our #community, like our book club and upcoming #CTF club.

Plus, there is one other surprise, but you'll have to wait until our next episode to find out!


Enjoy our final episode of 2016. Our regular show will return the week of 9 January 2017!!_data_breaches#Legal_and_commercial_responses



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