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Aug 15, 2016

Co-Host Brian Boettcher went to BlackHat and Defcon this year, as an attendee of the respective cons, but also as a presenter at "Arsenal", which is a venue designed to show up and coming software and hardware applications. We started off by asking him about his experiences at Arsenal, and how he felt about "Hacker Summer Camp"

Our second item was to discuss the recent Brakesec PodCast CTF we held to giveaway a free ticket to Derbycon. We discussed some pitfalls we had, how we'll prepare for the contest next year, and steps it took to solve the challenges.

The final item of the night was about travel security, since the Olympics are on, and there was a report about Olympic athletes who were robbed at gunpoint. We discuss safety while traveling, keeping a low profile, reducing risk, and reminding you to leave the overly Patriotic shirts and apparel at home.


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