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Nov 27, 2015

Cheryl Biswas gave a great talk last month at Bsides Toronto.  I was intrigued by what "Shadow IT" and "Shadow Data" means, as there appears to be some disparity. Why can't you write policy to enforce standards? As easy as it sounds, it's quickly becoming a reason young talented people might skip your company. Who wants to use Blackberries and Gateway laptops, when sexy new MacBook Airs and iPhone 6S exist?

This also leads to the issue of business data being put on personal devices, which as anyone knows can cause a whole host of additional issues. Malware installed on personal devices can make for sharing business secrets a cinch.

So, while Mr. Boettcher was working, I managed to wrangle a quick interview with Cheryl out of her offices in Toronto, Ontario.

Cheryl gave us some great audio, and when you're done, you can watch her Bsides Toronto talk.  

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