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Feb 14, 2016

We first heard about FingerprinTLS from our friend Lee Brotherston at DerbyCon last September. Very intrigued by how he was able to fingerprint client applications being used, we finally were able to get him on to discuss this. 

We do a bit of history about #TLS, and the versions from 1.0 to 1.2

Lee gives us some examples on how FingerprintTLS might be used by red teamers or pentest agents to see what applications a client has on their system, or if you're a blue team that has specific application limitations, you can find out if someone has installed an unauthorized product, or you could even block unknown applications using this method by sensing the application and then creating an IPS rule from the fingerprint.

Finally, something a bit special... we have a demo on our Youtube site that you can view his application in action! 

Video demo:

Cisco blog on malware using TLS...


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