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Jul 16, 2017

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The infosec industry and the infosec culture is so diverse, with many different points of view, many different thoughts and opinions, and many of us deal with our own internal demons, like addictions, mental afflictions like depression or bipolar disorders. And 'imposter syndrome' is another thing that seems to add to the mix, making some believe they have to be constantly innovating or people think negatively of them.

So this week, we invited Ms. Magen Wu (@tottenkoph), and Danny (@dakacki) and we discuss some coping mechanisms at things like conferences, and if you work at home, like a lot of consultants and researchers do...


Jay Beale’s Class “aikido on the command line: hardening and containment”

JULY 22-23 & JULY 24-25    AT BlackHat and Defcon





Brakesec also announces our "PowerShell for Blue Teamers and Incident Responders" with Mick Douglas (@bettersafetynet). A 6 week course starting with the basics of powershell, and goes into discussion of frameworks using Powershell too assist in assessing your network. It starts on 10 July and run each Monday evening until 14 August 2017. You'll receive a certificate suitable for CPE credit, as well as the videos of the class available to you on our YouTube channel.

To sign up, go to our Patreon Page ( and sign up at the $20 USD level labeled "Blue Team Powershell - Attendee". If you are looking to just get the videos and follow along in class, pick the $10 USD "Blue Team Powershell - Attendee- Videos Only" Classes will be held on Monday Evenings only for 5 weeks, ending on 1 August.



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--Show Notes--

Chris Sanders: Cult of Passion



Start playing ingress or Pokemon Go, just to get out and gamify activity


Reduce alcohol consumption

Defcon : Friends of Bill W.

Agent X : 3/5K events at Defcon


Critics comments

You won’t please everyone, so don’t try


Spend time away from infosec

Family, friends



If you are in a job with ‘secrets’, find someone to talk to

Another person with the same ‘secrets’ or similar job


@DAkacki (what is your podcast @rallysec)

Da667’s book

[I love murder]@tottenkoph


@andMYhacks (works with Jimmy)